Our company provides a wide range of services

HeatSphere not only installs heating systems, but also provides full service, including maintenance and operational repairs. By choosing our company, you get not only a heating solution, but also a partner who cares about your comfort and confidence in the reliability of your system. We strive to create warmth and comfort in every home and business!

Our company provides a wide range of services

We provide comprehensive services for the design and installation of modern heating systems for your home or business. Our engineers work on each project with an individual approach, taking into account the characteristics of your property and your preferences.

Design: Our engineers carry out a detailed analysis of your property, taking into account factors such as room size, insulation, regional climate and your comfort needs. We develop custom designs that are optimized for efficiency and energy savings.

Installation: HeatSphere provides installation services for all types of heating systems:

Traditional Heating Systems: We install traditional boilers and radiators, ensuring even and efficient heat distribution.

Innovative Solutions: We work with advanced technologies including infrared systems, underfloor heating and solar heating systems.

Smart Home Systems: Our company integrates modern smart technologies, allowing you to control your heating remotely and optimize its operation.

Individual Approach: Each installation is developed taking into account the characteristics of your facility.

Energy Efficiency: We strive to create systems that not only provide comfort, but also save energy.

Reliability: The quality of installation and the use of modern equipment ensure long-term and uninterrupted operation of the system.

With us you get not just heating, but integrated solutions that create comfort and efficiency in your space. Provide your home or business with the warmth of the future!

Automation and Smart Home: Manage Heat with Pleasure!

Our company offers advanced automation and smart home solutions for effective heating control. Our services include installing smart thermostats and automation systems that make your home more comfortable, cost-effective and smart.
Smart Thermostats: Our engineers install state-of-the-art smart thermostats that provide:
Intelligent Control: Thermostats automatically analyze your habits and preferences, optimizing the temperature for maximum comfort.
Remote Control: You can control your heating remotely via a mobile app, providing flexibility and energy savings.
Energy Saving: Smart heating systems streamline your heating operation, reducing energy costs and cutting your bills.
Automation Systems: We also integrate automation systems to control not only your heating, but other aspects of your home.
Lighting: Automatically control lighting according to your schedule and preferences.
Security: We integrate security systems that sense motion and provide your home with an extra layer of protection.
Smart Curtains and Blinds: Automatically control curtains and drapes to adjust light and heat.
Innovation: We stay on top of the latest smart home trends to bring you cutting-edge technology.
Comfort and Savings: Smart systems create a comfortable space, and also save energy and money.
Easy to Control: Control every aspect of your home through an easy-to-use mobile app.
Add intelligence and comfort to your home with automation and smart solutions!

Maintenance and Repair of Heating Systems: Your Comfort is in Safe Hands!

HeatSphere doesn't just install heating systems - we ensure their smooth operation through quality service and prompt repairs.

Regular Maintenance:
Our qualified technicians offer comprehensive maintenance including:
Efficiency Check: Evaluating system performance to ensure optimal heating efficiency.
Cleaning and Adjustment: Regular cleaning and adjustment of components to prevent breakdowns and malfunctions.
Scheduled Parts Replacement: Preventing breakdowns through timely replacement of worn parts.
Prompt Repair: When something goes wrong, our company quickly responds to your needs:
Problem Diagnosis: We perform accurate diagnostics to get to the root of the problem.
Emergency Repairs: Our team is prepared to respond promptly to emergency situations.
Spare Parts Provision: We have access to high quality spare parts for quick replacement.

Our team of experts ensures the reliable functioning of your heating system.

Regular maintenance prevents serious breakdowns, which saves you money.

We are always ready to respond quickly to your repair needs.

1. Design and Installation:

~Traditional Heating Systems
~ Innovative Heating Solutions

from $300
Automation and Smart Home

~ Smart Thermostats
~ Automation Systems

from $500
Maintenance and Repair

~ Maintenance
~ Operational Repair

from $400


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